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Randy's Room


A few months ago, just after I turned 5, Mummy and Daddy moved all of us to another house that is much smaller than our other one.




These are some pictures of our house now. Compare them to our previous house here. Mummy says this house has only 1500 square feet and our previous house has 2731 square feet. Mummy says that shows it is a lot smaller than our other house. This house is even smaller than the one we had before we had the big house! One thing I do not understand though, is how more feet make a house bigger. I think it would just make it more crowded.

After lots of thinking about it, I have decided that I think they are wrong about this feet stuff (like more feet making a house bigger) because I never did see any extra feet at our other house; but, this house always seems to me to have too many feet trying to take up the same space because it is so small. So I think more feet actually make a house lots smaller. I also think regular feet would work better than square ones. I would hate to have square feet myself. Sometimes humans are a strange bunch for sure eh!


At this house I spend most of my time in the kitchen (especially when daddy is making supper) or in the 'puter room with mummy. There are only a few other rooms, but neither me or daddy & mummy spend very much time in them so far. Daddy and mummy sleep in the master bedroom sometimes (sometimes they fall asleep in their chairs in the 'puter room) but I sleep either in the kitchen in my crate or in my crate in the bedroom with mummy and daddy or in my soft bed in the 'puter room. 



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