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Randy's Room


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Our most Recent Pictures


A note from my Mummy:

It has been a very busy year for us and we have not gotten to take many pictures during the past year (2007), but I will get to sorting through what we do have and find some Randy may add to the site as soon as I am able.


2006 Pictures 1        2006 Pictures 2

     (apx. 5 min.)           (apx. 5 min.)

2006 Pictures 3        2006 Pictures 4

     (apx. 6 min.)           (apx. 5 min.)

2005 Pictures 1        2005 Pictures 2

     (apx. 5 min.)           (apx. 4 min.)

UpdatedFamily Pictures       

(apx. 2 min.)

Randy's Pizza Video

(apx. 40 min., narrated by my mummy)

(Recommended for high speed connections only)

2004 Pictures 1        2004 Pictures 2

(apx. 4 min.)        (apx. 4 min.)


Randy's Kids

(Narrated by my Mummy)

Randy's Furkids

(apx. 1 min.)

Randy's First Litter        Video of Randy's Kids

         (apx. 5 min.)        (apx. 45-60 min., narrated by my mummy)

                              (Recommended for high speed connections only)

UpdatedRandy's First Litter - Page 2        Randy's Second Litter         

(This page has Wilder's show pictures           (apx. 1 min.)          

and the most recent info on his 1st litter.)                            

(apx. 2 min.)                            


Show Pictures

(Narrated by my Mummy)

Spencer's Show Pictures

(apx. 3 min.)

Randy's Show Pictures

(apx. 5 min.)


The Famous Bath Pictures!!! Don't miss these!!!

Spencer and Randy Bath Pictures - 

    Bath Time 1        Bath Time 2        Bath Time 3

   (apx. 1.5 min.)         (apx. 2.5 min.)        (apx. 2 min.) 

Kody Bath Pictures

(apx. 2 min.)


Baby Pictures

These pages may take a while to load, but they are worth it!!!

Kody's Baby Pictures -     Kody's Baby Pics 1        Kody's Baby Pics 2

                         (apx. 3.5 min.)              (apx. 4.5 min.)

Randy's Baby Pictures

(apx. 4.5 min.)

(Narrated by my big brother Spencer)


Pictures from before we got Kody

(These pages are narrated by my big brother Spencer.)

Old Pics 1        Old Pics 2        Old Pics 3

 (apx. 2.5 min.)        (apx. 2 min.)        (apx. 2 min.)

Christmas 2002 -     Christmas 2002 Page 1        Christmas 2002 Page 2

                  (apx. 1.5 min.)                 (apx. 2 min.)

Snow Fun

(apx. 1.5 min.)


Pictures from before we got Randy or Kody

Last but not least, Spencer has another web page with his 2001 Christmas pictures. Mummy says these were taken before either myself or Kody was born. Check out Spencer's Christmas pictures at:

Spencer's Christmas 2001 Pictures

(apx. 30 sec.)



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